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The most reliable way to cook your steaks and burgers to perfection is by using a fast read thermometer. Every grill and every piece of meat cooks differently. If you want to guarantee success every time, then you need to measure the internal temperature of meat. We have tried many thermometers and found the Thermoworks RT600C to be the best in terms of speed, convenience, and price. Our favorite feature is the narrow tip that doesn't leave holes in your steaks or allow those precious juices to escape.

The RT600C offers a Super-Fast™, reduced-tip probe for 5- to 6-second readings. The sealed body of the thermometer features rubberized switch panels, a robust LCD window, and it withstands temperatures to 190°F so you can record peak temperatures in commercial dishwashers using the Min/Max feature.

There are many digital pocket thermometers on the market that are similar in shape and cost. BUT, none are this fast! Most of the others have probes that are too short. Some have welded or brazed joints in the shaft which can shelter microbes or are easy to break. And, the body of the RT600C is just plain tougher than the others. Speed, reliability and affordability. The RT600C is a better choice for lab work, food processing and high-volume food service.