Pat LaFrieda shares the 8 grill accessories he can’t do without, and how to use them.

That fancy walnut cutting board your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas? Save it for your cheese and crudité plates, lest you want it crawling with all sorts of pathogen-laden microbes. Using your thumb to gauge the done-ness of your meat? Guess again. Maybe, just maybe, if you spend all day in a kitchen cooking steaks for a living, then have at it. But for the rest of us? Just go with the thermometer. They won’t break the bank, they’re foolproof, and you won’t look like an utter dope the next time you plop down a still-bleeding hunk of cow at a dinner party after your discerning guests (trust me, they’re all discerning) discussed to exhaustion and agreed that they wanted the thing medium-rare in the middle and medium on the edges.