The Family Behind the Country’s Best Steaks and Burgers

Yahoo August 4, 2014

Think you know the best way to cook a burger or a steak? Here’s how the owners of Pat LaFrieda and Son Meat Purveyors, who’ve been in business for 90 years as one of the country’s premier butchers, say you should do it:

Keep your burger or steak at 36 degrees until just before cooking, so that the insides won’t overcook (you can use a meat thermometer

Can Mets Fans Handle LaFrieda’s Citi Field Sandwiches?

Yahoo August 4, 2014

Citi Field visitors will soon be able to enjoy $15 black angus filet mignon sandwiches from star butcher Pat LaFrieda. They are stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, ground-up four leaf clovers, shaved moonbeams, and unicorn teardrops. The LaFrieda sandwich stand will open for business on August 7.