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  Brisket Burger Blend
Brisket Burger Blend

Price: $42.00

3lbs, ground, beef
3lbs, 6 patties, 8oz ea
3lbs, 8 patties, 6oz ea
3lbs, 16 sliders, 3oz ea
6lbs, ground, beef [Add $24.00]
6lbs, 12 patties, 8oz ea [Add $24.00]
6lbs, 16 patties, 6oz ea [Add $24.00]
6lbs, 32 sliders, 3oz ea [Add $24.00]

Our Brisket Burger Blend is made from whole briskets, chuck, and shoulder clod of American Black Angus Beef. The heavily marbled brisket point brings intermuscular fat to the burger that won't run out during the cooking process. Although this burger is delicious at any doneness level, it holds up well for those who prefer their burgers more on the well done side.

Pat LaFrieda hamburgers are so highly regarded that many restaurants proudly display our name with our burgers on their menu. We are known throughout the country for our custom burger blends. We make over 75,000 hamburgers a day from hundreds of custom blends. Our burgers are made fresh daily from whole cuts of meat, not trimmings. You will taste the difference in every juicy and delicious bite.

We start with the best meat available and keep it that way. Our meat has never been frozen and arrives to you fresh. Your meat is cut to your specification by our expert butchers alongside orders from some of the most famous chefs in the world. Immediately after your meat is portioned, it is vacuum packed to ensure optimal freshness. Meat is shipped Next Day Air in 1 1/2 inch thick coolers with enough ice packs to last 48 hours or more. All orders go from our hands to your doorstep within 24 hours.
A Perfect Burger

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Price: $25.00
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